Choosing Us as Your Treatment Facility

Choosing a treatment facility for you or your loved one for a disability or mental health issue is one of the most critical decisions you will ever make because choosing the right one will make an immediate impact.

Located in the heart of Southwest Ranches, Hooves of Love was founded and inspired by the personal experience of one of its leading members.  After personally experiencing the healing and restorative benefits of ther­apeutic riding, the idea of Hooves of Love was born to give back and en­courage others to grow, develop and heal.

Here are some of the reasons Hooves of Love can be there right choice.

Hooves of Love, the right choice.

Customized Treatment

No two cases are identical.  We provide treatment unique to care needs.  Recognizing this distinction makes us effective.

Private Location

Our facilities are in the heart of Southwest Ranches where you will enjoy the benefits of a supportive and quiet community.

Licensed Therapists

We believe the best staff can provide the best care and obtain the best results.

Family Involvement Encouraged

An essential part of recovery is the support of family and loved ones.  At Hooves of Love, we educate families.